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Try before you buy

Pay only if you need a certification card

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ProTrainings allows you to train and test before you buy and pay only if you need to be officially certified. The $19.95 price includes a unique certificate number to prove that you have passed the certification program. You also receive access to login and re-print unlimited copies of your certification card as well as phone, email, and chat support. Learn more

Safety training is priceless

All our training videos are free to watch, and you won't pay a cent for our training or testing. That's because we believe that high-quality training should be freely available to anyone who wants to learn. Our number one goal is to give you the tools you need. Full Video Library

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No charge for failing

There is no charge for the training or testing, so you will never be charged extra to re-take a failed certification test. Take the test as many times as you need to pass, and learn from our helpful remediation after every incorrect answer.

No charge for failed test